Why Pirates lead to Pockets

Yesterday was international talk like a pirate day and I said on twitter i’d explain the story of what happened last year and how it lead to pockets.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then we shall begin.

On last years international talk like a pirate day we launched a flash fiction competition for stories about pirates. The three winners would be posted on the site (you can find them under ‘books/free fiction’) and would receive a prize, a book if I recall correctly.

So that was simple enough but after a little while it seemed a shame to have such good stories just on the site and especially as the close running fourth story would never be seen. I talked it over with my copy editor and we decided a small volume of flash fiction might be fun. We could get in some additional stories and put it out cheap and call it Piracy’. It would have no restrictions of interpretation or genre other than the title. Also while we are at it, if we are going to do a pocket book like that why not do a bunch of them, on different loose subjects, that’ll be fun right?

And so it went. So you see a bunch of people going ‘arr’ on the internet is how we got to Fox Pockets. By next international talk like a pirate day almost all of them will have been released so we shall perhaps do another competition to celebrate.