And the business of another manic week.

First up our new release

Fox Spirit books is seeing in December with a creepy gothic tale of love, death and science. The first of our holiday season treats is available now as a paperback and we expect it to be available this weekend as an ebook.

Heart for the Ravens by Colin F Barnes

In the traditions of Poe and Shelley, Heart for the Ravens is a gothic horror story set in the 19th century following a heroine in search of a man with a good heart. 

Katerina Roeslling is the daughter of a wealthy businessman and resents being treated as just another asset by her father. When she meets Willhelm, a rough-hewn, but charismatic, soldier, she thinks he is the right man for her, but he is just the start of a tragic nightmare. 

The novella is available as a paperback of ebook via Amazon and will shortly be available through Wizards Tower Press for other e readers.

Cover image is by Bill Munster
Cover model Kiley Adriance

Colin’s Website

Next up, our friends at Anachron released their first Pulp Line novel

Curse of the Jade Amulet by Jack Calico

Jack is guest blogging at Anachron and has his own site here


We’d also like to remind you that the submission deadline for YA appropriate stories is the 31st December and for those on the Fox & Fae / Mouse & Minotaur invite list, it’s the 1st Jan.