Call for Submissions

FS is looking for a small number of really excellent, fun, genre fiction novels that are suitable, though not necessarily originally written for, young adult readers for slots in next year’s schedule.

What we ARE looking for is completed novels from 30,000 – 60,000 words with a strong science fiction, fantasy, horror or crime element, but most importantly they must provide entertainment and a gripping adventure.

What we are NOT looking for is teen romance, paranormal or otherwise.

The successful books will be released on a profit share basis in 2013 as ebook and print on demand.

Please submit to

Title your submission ‘YA Novel Submission.’

Include in the email body, a bio of up to two hundred words and a synopsis of no more than five hundred words. Attach as a word or open office document the first chapter only at this stage.

Submissions that do not follow these guidelines will be rejected.

Please do not submit if your novel is not yet complete.

Please check our submissions page for details on formatting.

In this instance we will also require audio rights in English in addition to the usual requirements as outlined on the submissions page.

Submission deadline is 31st December 2012