We’ve done updates!

There are now tasters available to download free for all our existing titles and also a story from Tales of Eve. You’ll find the download links on the books own pages.

We are also busy agreeing our publishing schedule for 2013 and it’s going to be an exciting year, we will be doing some open submissions next year so keep an eye on these pages.

December Releases

We have two exciting new titles left to publish before we say goodbye to 2012.

First up Colin F Barnes’ ‘A Heart for the Ravens’ will be released at the beginning of December to ensure the chill in your bones isn’t just from the weather.

With this gothic tale of love, betrayal, alchemy and revenge Colin F Barnes follows

In the traditions of Poe and Shelley. Heart for the Ravens is chilling horror with a wry
sense of humour and heroine that it’s hard not to like, in spite of the circumstances.

Katerina is the daughter of a wealthy businessman and resents being treated as another
asset by her father, when she meets Willhelm she thinks he is the man of her dreams
but he is actually just the start of her nightmare. A fire, an interest in science and a
streak of bad luck simply serve to make matters worse.

Cover image by Bill Munster


Our final title of the year will be non-fiction.

The yet to be titled book  is a collection of the superb Pseudopod outro’s by well-known genre journalist and Pseudopod host Alasdair Stuart. The collection forms a witty, personal and sometimes poignant look at life, writing and the world of geekdom from someone who’s passion is unquestionable and who’s knowledge of science fiction, horror and fantasy TV and writing are second to none.

The book will be released in all formats on 21st December 2012.

Cover art will be released soon.


A bits and bobs kind of day

So  much has been happening here and with our friends over at Anachron so this is quick round up.

First of all two new books came out from FS in October

Weird Noir, edited by K.A.Laity was released on Halloween, is now available on amazon.com and amazon.co.uk. Weird Noir is a fantastic collection of unusual happenings.

Earlier in October we released Spares, a novella by Alec McQuay which explores what happens if the body can’t die, friendship and betrayal. Also available on Amazon.com and amazon.co.uk

Nun & Dragon got some coverage as part of Jasper Bark’s regular This is Horror column where Simon Bestwick talks about his story.

Our first newsletter will be going out a few days later than intended, but very shortly. We’ve also sent out the invites to the next two volumes of Bushy Tales.

That’s about it from us next up the exciting news from Anachron.

First of all they just announced the forthcoming Pulp Line Vol 1 a collection of four short stories by Jack Calico. They are inviting open submissions for the pulp line.

They’ve also just released Crime Net, a group of tales about the sinister side of technology.

Halloween Release

Out tomorrow!

‘On the gritty backstreets of a crumbling city, tough dames and dangerous men
trade barbs, witticisms and a few gunshots. But there’s a new twist where
urban decay meets the eldritch borders of another world: WEIRD NOIR.

Featuring thugs who sprout claws and fangs, gangsters with tentacles and the
occasional succubus siren. The ambience is pure noir but the characters
aren’t just your average molls and mugs—the vamps might just be vamps. It’s
Patricia Highsmith meets Shirley Jackson or Dashiell Hammett filtered
through H. P. Lovecraft. Mad, bad and truly dangerous to know, but
irresistible all the same.’

K.A.Laity introduces and edits this exciting treat of anthology released on 31st October 2012 by Fox Spirit Books. Happy Halloween

With stories by: Chloë Yates, Richard Godwin, Karina Fabian, Hector Acosta, Jan Kozlowski, Andrez Bergen, Carol Borden, Paul D. Brazill,  Jennifer Martin, Katherine Tomlinson, Jason Michel , Asher Wismer, Michael S. Chong, Leeyanne Moore, Christopher L. Irvin, Joyce Chng, W. P. Johnson

For information on this or any or our titles, review copies or interviews with Fox Spirit authors please contact adele @foxspirit.co.uk

Available now

Officially released on Monday 22nd October but if you are sharp eyed you may have noticed it already up on amazon is Alec McQuay’s exciting debut novella ‘Spares’


Nun & Dragon Paperback is now available in very limited numbers via our friends at Anachron Press


Spares Press Release

Monday 22nd October sees the official launch of ‘Spares’ a novella by Alec McQuay, through Fox Spirit.

No-one dies anymore. Ever.

In the wake of the virus wars you are either undamaged and whole or a walking corpse, animated by no-one knows what and cobbled together out of odds and ends by doctors who don’t really bare thinking about. In this world a surgical scar too many is the difference between a sheltered life of privilege with the Untouched and banishment to the dark, dangerous streets, where it’s every lurcher for themselves and gang culture is rife.

When one of their number is injured in a terrorist bombing, one such gang finds themselves with a large medical bill and a rapidly dwindling list of options, ultimately leading them on a collision course with the Untouched that could change humanity’s course forever.

Parts break, wear out, fall off or get stolen as humanity turns on itself for the one thing it needs in order to keep going:


Alec has created a vivid world in this post apocalyptic cyberpunk novella, where a good surgeon is the ultimate accessory.

Cover art is by Sarah Anne Langton http://www.secretarcticbase.com/

Alec McQauy blogs at http://theidiotlaureate.wordpress.com/

Fox Spirit Books https://www.foxspirit.co.uk/

For review copies of any of our books or more information please contact adele@foxspirit.co.uk


Three for Free winners

The draw has been done and our winners are

Katherine Tomlinson



Congratulations, I shall be in touch about your choice for the third title.

Welcome to everyone who has signed up for our newsletter so far, the first one will be coming out for Halloween.

Three for Free

Sign up to our newsletter before the 15th October 2012 to be entered into our prize draw. Three names will be selected at random from the list and they will each recieve free copies of our novellas ‘Oasis’ by Joan De La Haye and the upcoming ‘Spares’ by Alec McQuay along with your choice of a copy of either the first Bushy Tales anthology ‘Tales of the Nun & Dragon’ or the upcoming ‘Weird Noir’ edited by the fabulous K.A.Laity, on it’s release. All books are available as epub or mobi and winners will be contacted for their preference.

Our newsletter will be quarterly or at absolute maximum, monthly, if we just have too much exciting news to wait.  The newsletter will contain information on releases and exclusive opportunites and promotions.

You can sign up using the box in the sidebar on this page.

Don’t forget all our title are available as ebooks from amazon worldwide and Wizards Tower Press. We will be making this years titles available as print on demand later this year.

International Talk Like a Pirate Day winning stories.

Here are the winning flash fiction stories, I hope you enjoy them as much as we did and once again, the quality of all the entries was very high. They are all uploaded as pdf’s so you can read them on your screen or download to enjoy on your kindle later. The stories all came in at just under 1,000.

These authors are all being invited to take part in the upcoming Bushy Tales anthologies so I hope to be bringing you more of their work early in 2013.




By T F Grant

 I’m writing this on the back of an old telephone bill, yellowed with age; the only paper I can find. I’m writing this with the stub of an old pencil, which I found behind a sofa in my parents’ house. I kept it as a keepsake of the old world we made over, but it will do to write my last testament. I write this the old way, with no digital files for you to steal from me.

This is mine.

Geronimo – Click to view the whole story



by Chloe Yates 

            Anne the Bone was no fool.

            Red Johnny Bootleg might be hung like a well-fed donkey, but he was a good for nothing bully of a blaggard and she was done with him. She’d been thinking with her cunny for too long, acting like a sex-starved old salt. Talented in the bedchamber he might be, but Red Johnny was the most incompetent captain she’d ever sailed with. No sooner had they stepped on that fucking island than they were in all kinds of hellish bother. No treasure was worth the kinds of shit they’d seen that day. Now, the black spot was upon him and there would be no running this time. He may have come within a breath of dancing with old Jack Ketch a hundred times – if you believed his tall tales – but Red Johnny’s voyage was near its end, the devil take him.

 Leave the Pistol Behind – Click to view the whole story


by Margrét Helgadóttir

Nora stood on deck waiting for the other ship to come closer. The sails flapped over her head, eager to let the wind take hold. The air was thick with ocean mist and drizzling wet snow. She held her ship steady, standing upright, never letting the other ship out of her sight.

It was an old wooden sail ship, heavy in the sea. It glided towards her, majestic and elegant despite the high waves. The wind strained the massive sails to their limits. People ran to and fro on the deck, adjusting the sails. She counted five. All men. She shivered and huddled deeper into her fur coat.

Pirate Flash_Nora – Click to view the whole story

Pirates Arrr!

It is done. We are ready to announce the winners of our International Talk Like a Pirate Day flash fiction contest.

In no particular order

Chloe Yates with ‘Leave the Pistol Behind’

Margret Helgadottir with ‘Nora’

Stephen Godden with ‘Geronimo’

The stories will be posted on the website in the next couple of weeks, all three will receive a hard copy on Nun & Dragon later in October when they arrive and they will all be invited to submit to the next Bushy Tales anthologies.

Many thanks to everyone who entered, we were delighted by the high standard across the board.