International Talk Like a Pirate Day winning stories.

Here are the winning flash fiction stories, I hope you enjoy them as much as we did and once again, the quality of all the entries was very high. They are all uploaded as pdf’s so you can read them on your screen or download to enjoy on your kindle later. The stories all came in at just under 1,000.

These authors are all being invited to take part in the upcoming Bushy Tales anthologies so I hope to be bringing you more of their work early in 2013.




By T F Grant

 I’m writing this on the back of an old telephone bill, yellowed with age; the only paper I can find. I’m writing this with the stub of an old pencil, which I found behind a sofa in my parents’ house. I kept it as a keepsake of the old world we made over, but it will do to write my last testament. I write this the old way, with no digital files for you to steal from me.

This is mine.

Geronimo – Click to view the whole story



by Chloe Yates 

            Anne the Bone was no fool.

            Red Johnny Bootleg might be hung like a well-fed donkey, but he was a good for nothing bully of a blaggard and she was done with him. She’d been thinking with her cunny for too long, acting like a sex-starved old salt. Talented in the bedchamber he might be, but Red Johnny was the most incompetent captain she’d ever sailed with. No sooner had they stepped on that fucking island than they were in all kinds of hellish bother. No treasure was worth the kinds of shit they’d seen that day. Now, the black spot was upon him and there would be no running this time. He may have come within a breath of dancing with old Jack Ketch a hundred times – if you believed his tall tales – but Red Johnny’s voyage was near its end, the devil take him.

 Leave the Pistol Behind – Click to view the whole story


by Margrét Helgadóttir

Nora stood on deck waiting for the other ship to come closer. The sails flapped over her head, eager to let the wind take hold. The air was thick with ocean mist and drizzling wet snow. She held her ship steady, standing upright, never letting the other ship out of her sight.

It was an old wooden sail ship, heavy in the sea. It glided towards her, majestic and elegant despite the high waves. The wind strained the massive sails to their limits. People ran to and fro on the deck, adjusting the sails. She counted five. All men. She shivered and huddled deeper into her fur coat.

Pirate Flash_Nora – Click to view the whole story

Pirates Arrr!

It is done. We are ready to announce the winners of our International Talk Like a Pirate Day flash fiction contest.

In no particular order

Chloe Yates with ‘Leave the Pistol Behind’

Margret Helgadottir with ‘Nora’

Stephen Godden with ‘Geronimo’

The stories will be posted on the website in the next couple of weeks, all three will receive a hard copy on Nun & Dragon later in October when they arrive and they will all be invited to submit to the next Bushy Tales anthologies.

Many thanks to everyone who entered, we were delighted by the high standard across the board.

Alt.Fiction does Everybody’s Reading

In 2013, provisionally the third weekend of May  Alt.Fiction will once again bring the proud purveyors and fans of genre fiction to Leicester. Under the supervision of Writing East Midlands the 2013 event will be run by Fox Spirit’s Adele Wearing and the omnipresent (at last years) Alasdair Stuart of Pseudopod and also ALL THE THINGS in geekdom. Having helped out so much on the weekend last year Al is now fully in place as co-cheese.

However if you really can’t wait for next year, or you’ve never done alt.fiction and want to test whether it’s for you before shelling out on tickets, we are having a small taster session as part of Leicester’s ‘Everybody’s Reading’ festival.

The event is on Saturday 6th October from 12:30 – 4pm at Leicester Central Library on Bishop Street. Nearest car park is probably the Newarke Street multi story and Bishop Street runs down one side of Town Hall Square so if you are new to Leicester it’s not too hard to find.

The event will feature a panel with Kim Lakin-Smith, Joseph D’Lacey, Nicola Valentine and Damien Seaman talking about publishing, their various experiences and taking questions. If there is time we may also discuss favourite and important titles in genre fiction, kicking off at 12:45 until 1:45.

After the panel Kim and Joe are offering 45 minute workshops, these are ideal for new writers honing their craft or people wanting to address particular concerns and are always very popular at our events. 2pm – 2:45pm

After the workshops, there will be some 10-15  minute readings and a chance to chat before we close. 3pm – 4pm

The authors have been invited to bring books to sell and sign so some time will be allowed for that, Damien’s novel ‘The Killing of Emma Gross’ is an ebook, so if you are a fan he can always sign your kindle.

This event is totally free and will be a really good friendly opportunity to get a feel for the sort of things that happen at our main weekender so do come along and bring your friends. There will even be free baked goods (a fine altfiction tradition is the baking table).

This was team Hagelrat at alt.fiction 2012 in March.

International Talk Like a Pirate Day

The Pirate Flash Fiction contest is now closed. We hope you all had a fabulous International Talk Like a Pirate Day and thanks to everyone who entered.

The winners will be announced on Wednesday next week to give us time to read the entries and make a decision.

The three stories we select will be posted on the website and the authors will, once they arrive with me, receive ltd edition copies of Tales of the Nun & Dragon. They will also be invited to submit for one of the next Bushy Tales anthologies.

All our books, the horror novel Shadows, zombie novella Oasis, thriller Requiem in E Sharp and the anthology Tales of the Nun & Dragon are all available on all flavours of Amazon and Wizards Tower Press.


Just a reminder that our pirate flash fiction contest ends on the 19th September.

To celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day send us up to 1,000 words on pirates or piracy in any form to adele titled ‘Pirate Flash’

The best three will be posted on the website, receive a lts edition hard copy of Tales of the Nun & Dragon and be invited to submit for one of next years Bushy Tails anthologies.

Any genre you like for pirates.

Tales of the Nun & Dragon available now!

It’s launch day and a few sharp eyed folk noticed it went on sale on Amazon yesterday. Well the book is now officially out there and here are some buy links

Nun & Dragon from Wizards Tower , Amazon UK , Amazon Com ,

An important note, Wizards Tower stock all FS books as mobi and epub, so if you have an ereader that isn’t kindle you can still obtain the books.

Our previous releases are also not only available from Amazon but for those of you who prefer to buy indie, Wizards Tower have psychological horror Shadows, unusual zombie novella Oasis, and the thriller Requiem in E Sharp, all by Joan De La Haye.

Don’t forget our Pirate flash fiction to win a ltd ed paperback copy of Nun & Dragon and the chance to submit to the future ‘Bushy Tales’ collections is open until September 19th 2012. Up to 1,000 on pirates and piracy to ‘adele @foxspirit dot’ titled ‘Pirate Flash’.

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Paperback Cover

This is the clean version of the paperback cover. Click it to see it in all it’s glory, but I love it, so very beautiful.

The ebook is available now from Amazon and Wizards Tower

Nun & Dragon Release

I am delighted to announce that the long anticipated first volume in the ‘Bushy Tales’ anthology series ‘Tales of the Nun and Dragon’ will be available as an ebook via Amazon from Monday 10th September and Wizards Tower Press within a few days.


‘Tales of the Nun & Dragon’ features twenty three stories by a mixture of well-known and new authors who offer up a delightful blend of genres. There are zombie dragons, latex nuns, trips through time, nunsploitation and some unusual fantasy tales and fables. The book also features internal illustrations by artist Kieran Walsh.

The full line up of writers is available now at

There will be a very limited edition print run available later this year, prior to all the Fox Spirit books being made available as print on demand from Lulu.

An early review is available at ‘Tony’s Thoughts’

And Harry Markov has taken a sneak peek at some of the art work over at ‘Through A Forest of Ideas’


To celebrate the launch of ‘Tales of the Nun & Dragon’ and in honour of International Talk Like a Pirate Day we are running a small contest.

Between now and the 19th September 2012 we will be taking open submissions of flash fiction (up to 1000 words) on any interpretation of the subject of pirates and piracy. The three best stories will be posted on the Fox Spirit website and their authors will receive a hard copy of Tales of the Nun & Dragon once it becomes available. They will also be invited to submit for a place in one of the two Bushy Tales anthologies planned for early 2013, ‘Tales of the Fox and Fae’ and ‘Tales of the Mouse and Minotaur’.

Competition entries must be sent as a pdf or word doc, to and titled ‘Pirate Flash’. Any entries over the 1,000 word limit will not be considered.

The ‘Bushy Tales’ anthologies are invitation only and produced on a profit share basis.

For more information on ‘Tales of the Nun and Dragon’ or any of our other published and upcoming titles please explore our site.

Update on WEIRD NOIR

Swoon at our fabulous cover art by the remarkable S. L. Johnson

Submissions for the anthology come to me steadily: sometimes slipped under darkened doors, wiggling up through drains and occasionally, I find them lying on the cheap hotel room dresser after someone slipped me a mickey and left me stranded. In the past week I’ve been staggering from one continent to another, suffering from a throat infection and blood poisoning (yeah, it’s all weird all the time for me; I don’t just edit the stories, I live the life). I’m currently holed up in bucolic upstate New York and getting ready to dive into the submissions pool. I can only guess what dark shudders await me.

Here’s the skinny: in the next two weeks, I’ll make my decisions on what makes the cut. Then there’ll be some tinkering with the tales. When I’ve slapped it all together, I’ll send it to the Fox Spirits who will work their magic on it, producing a shiny book while I’m out hectoring ne’er-do-well bigwigs for shiny blurbs.

In time for the Halloween season and for Noir Con ( in Philly, the book will hit the virtual streets, casting its irresistible weird spell before you all. You won’t even see it coming when it hits you. But you’ll like it, all right. No doubt about that.

I can feel it in my tentacles.

K. A. Laity