Ummm, Apparently I never did a line up for Guardians announcement, very remiss of me, so here is the line up in no particular order for Fox Pocket three.

Running order will be available nearer the release date.

FS3 Guardians ebook 72ppi
Alasdair Stuart – Fat Angels
Geraldine Clark-Hellery – The Guardian
Jack Gaunt – Dreaming
Chris Galvin – Arabesque
Rahne Sinclair – Warden of Valdr
Chloe Yates – Well our feeble frame he knows
Colin Sinclair – Phased
Jonathan Ward – Gateway
Margret Helgadottir – Lost Bonds
Paul Starkey – Swung
Den Patrick – Wrecked
Alec McQuay – Of the Glare
Emma Teichmann – Re-Semblance
James Fadeley – Favours the Prepared
Christian D’Amico – Defiant
Catherine Hill – My guardians guardian