Missing Monarchs

The line up for Fox Pocket four has been agreed and the writers informed so I can now share it with you all.

FS4 Missing Monarchs ebook 72ppi

Missing Monarchs

Victoria Hooper –  The Lost Queen
Ro Smith  – The Runaway King
Lou Morgan  – Oliver Cromwell’s Other Head
Jonathan Ward  – The Collector
Rahne Sinclair  – Monarch of the Glen
Graham Wynd – Headless in Bury
Paul Starkey – Checkmate
Chloe Yates – Tits up in Wonderland
Chris D’Amico – Matriarch
Geri Clark Hellery – Missing Monarch
Michael Pack – Paths in the forest
Jo Thomas –  The Lost Kingdom

running order to be confirmed.

A quick apology Ben Stewart’s  ‘The Wisdom of King Weejun’ will be appearing in Mouse & Minotaur, not Missing Monarchs, but it will be coming!

In the mean time, Shapeshifters in formatting and Guardians in editing.

The next volume to close will be Under The Waves on 15th January 2014. You can see the running order here http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/FoxPockets and it is indeed Piercing the Vale, not Veil, so don’t feel it’s ghost stories only for that one, the odd visit underhill might not go amiss.


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