Piracy Yarr!

The full line up of authors for the first Fox Pocket Piracy in no particular order:

Emma Teichmann – Silvermelt

Jenny Barber – Past Lives

Christian D’Amico – Insurgent

Den Patrick – Becalmed

Kit Marlowe – Black Ethel’s Beast

Francesca Terminiello – Plunder

T.F.Grant – Geronimo

Chloe Yates – Leave the Pistol Behind

Rahne Sinclair – No Quarter

Margret Helgadottir – Nora

K.C.Shaw – Skyway

Ruth Booth – The Real Deal

Catherine Hill – The Trouble with Daydreams

Asher Wismer – True to the Song

S.J. Caunt – X Marks the Spot

Rob Haines – Pieces of 2^3

I’m really excited about this series and we have great stories taking piracy from a child’s mind, to the high seas and straight onto mind jacking. We have strange beasts and the penalty for stealing dreams.

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