Dark Fiction Magazine calling for submissions

Ok foxes, Dark Fiction Magazine which is an audio magazine, is looking for stories. Here is the call in their own words.

For 2013 we’re taking a slightly new approach. There will be themes, and we will be telling you about them beforehand – the first new episode of the year will be coming in March, and the broad theme is “Folklore and Fairy Tales”. Now, we’re still hoping to cover our genres of choice – namely Fantasy, Science-Fiction and Horror – so feel free to be as wild as possible with your fiction-weaving. Can you write a story about the Seelie Court and make it science-fiction? Can you conjure an epic fantasy from the earliest of stories? Do fairy tales lend themselves to horror? (I suspect they do; in fact I suspect they are the very roots of horror).

For the first time we’ll be looking at original stories as well as reprints, so send us your tales of stone, feather and iron by Thursday the 28th of February to be considered for the March episode, and if you have any questions please do contact me on jen@sennydreadful.com


More information and submission guidelines here