Our Inaugural Year

Or six months really.

I am wrapping up 2012 with a real sense of achievement and not a little astonishment. At Easter, to the soundtrack of Buffy The Musical, plans for world domination were jokingly discussed and the conclusion was reached that The Nun & Dragon was the perfect pub name. Since none of us own a pub, we decided to make a book. By June that decision had morphed into Fox Spirit and the Bushy Tales series.

I get a bit Oscar speechy now, so you can skip through to the end and the fox if you like.

Joan De La Haye put her trust in me and let me put her titles out, the psychological horror novel ‘Shadows’, the serial killer crime novel ‘Requiem in E Sharp’ and the fun zombie novella with a different perspective ‘Oasis’. Over the following months three more writers have trusted me with their work. In fiction Alec McQuay with the wonderfully weird post apocalyptic punk novella ‘Spares’ and Colin F Barnes with a gothic chiller of a novella ‘A Heart for the Ravens’. In non fiction, our last release of the year ‘The Pseudopod Tapes’, a collection of essays that served as outro’s to the world renowned podcast in which Alasdair Stuart is honest, smart, heartfelt and witty.

I have also had the honour of working with a number of fantastic authors on Nun & Dragon, our first anthology and the incredible writer and academic K.A.Laity who did an astonishing job of editing Weird Noir. I’ve been very fortunate to work with fantastic artists throughout and have tremendous support from a variety of people on a personal and professional level.

Special mentions to Gav at handebooks for performing miracles and having endless patience and Daz for copy editing at short notice.

We have more fantastic things coming next year and I’m very excited. The next two Bushy Tales books, Tales of Eve edited by Mhairi Simpson, the charity cookbook ‘Fantastic Treats’ edited by Andrew Reid and a host of other wonderful things.

So I want to say thank you to everyone who has worked with me, supported me, entrusted me with their stories and hung in their while I work it out as I go.

Now here is an Artic Fox playing in the snow. Image by Phil Knott. Happy Christmas.

IMG_0027 (1)