Missing Monarchs

The long awaited continuation of the Fox Pockets series is with us in Volume 4 : Missing Monarchs.

We were developing the idea for this series of flash and short fiction just as Richard Third’s bones were being discovered under a car park in my home City of Leicester. My imagination was captured, because while dead kings are not my specialty, the story of how someone as historically important as Rich 3 (as he is locally known) ends up anonymous and under a car park in a City centre rather than properly interred with other kings, that is kind of interesting. We added the theme and threw it out to see what others would do with it.

From runaway king’s to Oliver Cromwell’s head, from a local pub to outer space, from a drag club with a Red Queen…we bring you Missing Monarchs.

FS4 Missing Monarchs ebook 72ppi



Graham Wynd – Headless in Bury,
Emma Teichmann – In Absentia,
Lou Morgan – Oliver Cromwell’s Other Head,
Jonathan Ward – The Collector,
Victoria Hooper – The Lost Queen,
Ro Smith – The Runaway King,
Geraldine Clark Hellery – The Blooding,
Rahne Sinclair – Monarch of the Glen,
Michael Pack – Paths in the Forest,
Jo Thomas – the Lost Kingdom,
Christian D’Amico- Matriarch,
Paul Starkey – Checkmate,
Chloe Yates – Tits up in Wonderland

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Fox Pockets Update

I wanted to thank everyone for their continued patience.

Due to the sheer quantity of excellent submissions and the number of other books we are putting out this year the Fox Pockets have not been completed in the time we anticipated. I will be emailing writers over the next week regarding all the remaining pockets with the exception of the Evil Genius Guide, which is to have a guest editor.

The books will be going ahead, albeit a little later than we anticipated. Missing Monarchs will be out in 2014, the remaining titles may slip into the first half of 2015.

FS big thing 72


We told you we had a lot lined up for 2014 right? Right?

Having just released the marvelous White Rabbit by K.A Laity and the first Young Adult novel, the excellent ‘Warrior Stone : Underland’ By R.B  Harkess we are not slowing down. Next up we have the two volumes of ‘The Girl at the End of the World’, ‘Missing Monarchs’, the part prose part poetry novella ‘The Velocity of Constant’ and what we are calling ‘the summer of the wolf’, because we have two werewolf novels coming up. ‘Heart of Fire’ by J.Damask and 25 Ways to Kill a Werewolf’ by Jo Thomas.

We’ve already show you the other covers, so here is Jo’s wraparound to keep you on the edge of your seat.

25 Ways Wrap 72ppi


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It’s none stop in the Fox Den to bring you fantastic fiction.

Out Now! Guardians

The third Fox Pocket volume Guardians is now available from Lulu as a paperback.

FS Guardians wrap 300ppi


‘What if the thing you were afraid of was what stood between you and a bloody death? What if the fate of worlds was in our hands? What if God just couldn’t take it any more?’

PHASED by Colin Sinclair THE GUARDIAN by Geraldine Clark-Hellery BUFFALO DOLLS AND HEADLESS SOLDIERS by Jack Hanson ARABESQUE by Chris Galvin SWUNG by Paul Starkey OF THE GLARE by Alec McQuay GATEWAY by Jonathan Ward DEFIANT by Christian D’Amico RE-SEMBLANCE by Emma Teichman WARDEN OF VALDR by Rahne Sinclair LOST BONDS by Margrét Helgadóttir FAVOURS THE PREPARED by James Fadely WRECKED by Den Patrick FAT ANGELS by Alasdair Stuart MY GUARDIAN’S GUARDIAN by Catherine Hill WELL OUR FEEBLE FRAME HE KNOWS by Chloë Yates

Shapeshifters, Sword Play and Industrial Horror

Nearly at the end of November and Fox and Fae just has a couple more minor processes to go through before we get it out to you at long last.

In the mean time the Second Fox Pocket ‘Shapeshifter’ has been released. It’s a dark little volume full of grim twisty tales. Grab it now at lulu!

FS Shapeshifters3 72


We’ve also released our first Vulpes publication, ‘The Lost Second Book of Giganti’ which is available from amazon for an absolute bargain price. There are also a few of the hand leather bound limited editions available over at Spacewitch. We will be able to show you the gorgeous cover going on those very soon.

giganti final cover



We also wanted to draw attention to a submission call over at Spectral Press. Spectral create gorgeous books that are a joy to own and read and we thought this one might be right up your street as writers and readers. After all, who can resist Industrial Horror!

‘You know how chance remarks made by someone often spark off ideas? This is just such a case. Over the weekend, horror writer extraordinaire Adam Nevill posited the idea of industrial horror, which set off a chain-reaction in the sparking brain matter of Simon Marshall-Jones and, after his twitching, writhing body had stilled, he proclaimed that he was going to put together and publish an anthology of such stories. ‘ Read more over at the Spectral site.



Great Expectations

A quick update as we fall inexorably towards November.

It is our plan to get three titles out this November. The first ever Vulpes publication, a translation of Giganti’s 1608 manual on fencing is due on the 15th. In addition both the second volume of Bushy Tales ‘Tales of the Fox and Fae’ and the second Fox Pocket ‘Shapeshifters’ are due out next month.

It’s going to be a busy few weeks at Fox HQ and all being well by the end of November we will be feeling a bit like this.



Why Pirates lead to Pockets

Yesterday was international talk like a pirate day and I said on twitter i’d explain the story of what happened last year and how it lead to pockets.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then we shall begin.

On last years international talk like a pirate day we launched a flash fiction competition for stories about pirates. The three winners would be posted on the site (you can find them under ‘books/free fiction’) and would receive a prize, a book if I recall correctly.

So that was simple enough but after a little while it seemed a shame to have such good stories just on the site and especially as the close running fourth story would never be seen. I talked it over with my copy editor and we decided a small volume of flash fiction might be fun. We could get in some additional stories and put it out cheap and call it Piracy’. It would have no restrictions of interpretation or genre other than the title. Also while we are at it, if we are going to do a pocket book like that why not do a bunch of them, on different loose subjects, that’ll be fun right?

And so it went. So you see a bunch of people going ‘arr’ on the internet is how we got to Fox Pockets. By next international talk like a pirate day almost all of them will have been released so we shall perhaps do another competition to celebrate.



Ummm, Apparently I never did a line up for Guardians announcement, very remiss of me, so here is the line up in no particular order for Fox Pocket three.

Running order will be available nearer the release date.

FS3 Guardians ebook 72ppi
Alasdair Stuart – Fat Angels
Geraldine Clark-Hellery – The Guardian
Jack Gaunt – Dreaming
Chris Galvin – Arabesque
Rahne Sinclair – Warden of Valdr
Chloe Yates – Well our feeble frame he knows
Colin Sinclair – Phased
Jonathan Ward – Gateway
Margret Helgadottir – Lost Bonds
Paul Starkey – Swung
Den Patrick – Wrecked
Alec McQuay – Of the Glare
Emma Teichmann – Re-Semblance
James Fadeley – Favours the Prepared
Christian D’Amico – Defiant
Catherine Hill – My guardians guardian

Missing Monarchs

The line up for Fox Pocket four has been agreed and the writers informed so I can now share it with you all.

FS4 Missing Monarchs ebook 72ppi

Missing Monarchs

Victoria Hooper –  The Lost Queen
Ro Smith  – The Runaway King
Lou Morgan  – Oliver Cromwell’s Other Head
Jonathan Ward  – The Collector
Rahne Sinclair  – Monarch of the Glen
Graham Wynd – Headless in Bury
Paul Starkey – Checkmate
Chloe Yates – Tits up in Wonderland
Chris D’Amico – Matriarch
Geri Clark Hellery – Missing Monarch
Michael Pack – Paths in the forest
Jo Thomas –  The Lost Kingdom

running order to be confirmed.

A quick apology Ben Stewart’s  ‘The Wisdom of King Weejun’ will be appearing in Mouse & Minotaur, not Missing Monarchs, but it will be coming!

In the mean time, Shapeshifters in formatting and Guardians in editing.

The next volume to close will be Under The Waves on 15th January 2014. You can see the running order here http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/FoxPockets and it is indeed Piercing the Vale, not Veil, so don’t feel it’s ghost stories only for that one, the odd visit underhill might not go amiss.