Update on WEIRD NOIR

Swoon at our fabulous cover art by the remarkable S. L. Johnson

Submissions for the anthology come to me steadily: sometimes slipped under darkened doors, wiggling up through drains and occasionally, I find them lying on the cheap hotel room dresser after someone slipped me a mickey and left me stranded. In the past week I’ve been staggering from one continent to another, suffering from a throat infection and blood poisoning (yeah, it’s all weird all the time for me; I don’t just edit the stories, I live the life). I’m currently holed up in bucolic upstate New York and getting ready to dive into the submissions pool. I can only guess what dark shudders await me.

Here’s the skinny: in the next two weeks, I’ll make my decisions on what makes the cut. Then there’ll be some tinkering with the tales. When I’ve slapped it all together, I’ll send it to the Fox Spirits who will work their magic on it, producing a shiny book while I’m out hectoring ne’er-do-well bigwigs for shiny blurbs.

In time for the Halloween season and for Noir Con (www.noircon.info) in Philly, the book will hit the virtual streets, casting its irresistible weird spell before you all. You won’t even see it coming when it hits you. But you’ll like it, all right. No doubt about that.

I can feel it in my tentacles.

K. A. Laity